Andriana Portailler

Lighting/VFX Artist Junior Paris, France

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I am a VFX and Lighting artist. I can also work on environment and characters. I am currently working at Sloclap as a Real Time VFX and Lighting Artist Junior. My contract is ending in September 2017.

Every day I develop my graphical sensibility and my ability to create strong atmospheres.

Thanks to my fine arts course, I appreciate keeping a global vision of the projects I work on. I study both game art and game design, which allows me to set a coherent relationship between gameplay and art direction.

What motivates me the most is setting the global atmosphere of a game. This is why I specialized in Lighting and Visual Effects and , which conditions the player in a particular mood while guiding him/her throughout the level design.

Here is the link to my personal photoblog where I experiment with my camera Canon 100D and my smartphone :


VFX/Lighting Artist

SloClap | Absolver (PC, PS4)

VFX for Gameplay, Trailer and Environment

Lighting for Interactive objects
Reference Shaders
Research and Development in Shaders and VFX

VFX/Lighting Artist

Hanakaï Studio | Prodigy (PC)

VFX Gameplay / Cinematic / HUD / Environment


Unreal 4, Photoshop, Blender

Real Time VFX Artist Intern

Tindalos Interactive | Battlefleet Gothic Armada

VFX for the game Battlefleet Gothic Armada: Reel Time Strategie game based on the Warhammer 40K universe of Games Workshop:

VFX Environment: Fog, Smoke, Nebulas.

VFX Gameplay: Reactor, fire and rockets, laser shot fire, Heal.

VFX Feedback/GUI

3D/ Environment, Lighting, Shading Artist Intern

Antek Studio - Video Game Studio

Heroes of God:
Environment design, modelling, texturing with Maya, rendering with Mental Ray.
Weapon design, modelling, texturing with Maya, integration in Shiva, Shading.

2D/3D Game Artist Intern

Antek Studio - Video Game Studio

Serious Game:
Concept Art, environment design, modelling and texturing plants and flowers for a japanese garden, stylised half cartoon half realistic.

Illustration for game design and presentation for the final client.

Storyboard and animation of an add for the Seaquarium in south of France.


Enjmin - National Video Game School of France

Master's Degree in Interactive Media and Video Game

Video Game, Art direction, Game Art, Interactive Media, Teamwork, Managing, Ergonomics, Programming

Esad – Superior School of Art and Design

Bachelor’s Degree in 3D Animation for Movie (DNAP image Animée)

Superior School of Fine Art of Aix-en-Provence

First-Year University Level With Honor

Mixed Media, Interactiv Media, FIne Art, Contemporary Art, Photograpy, Installation, Academic Drawing, Nude and anatomy Drawing, Exhibitions, Teamwork


Preparatory Class for High Artistic School

Jean Monnet

High School Diploma in Science, With Honor

European section in German, with optional subject: visual art


Real Time VFX Lighting


Lighting Real Time VFX Shading Environment Character Concept Art Rigging Art Direction Storyboarding Animation